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Chow Chow

Breed Information
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Chow Chow

Chow Chow Picture
The Chow Chow At a Glance
Recognized By
Country of Origin
Life Expectancy
10 yrs 
Height Range
17 - 19 in. 
Weight Range
45 lbs (f); 60 lbs (m) 
Red, cream, cinnamon, blue, black 
Chows are keen and very trainable 
With Children
Temperament should be a major concern when being used for breeding. No problems with well behaved children 
With Animals
Best with opposite sex 
Dry and cool climate is best due to heavy coat 
In the heat always indoors and always need a fan on the floor 
Exercise Reqd
Moderate exercise 
Grooming Reqd
Fairly heavy grooming at least monthly; more with puppies 
User-Contributed Chow Chow Photos
The Chow Chow photos below have been submitted by site visitors. If you have or had a Chow Chow and have Chow Chow pictures you would like to submit, click the link below!
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Chow Chow Pictures
just got home from school (KEI
Posted by a visitor from Philippines
Chow Chow Pictures 644
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my lovely chow
Posted by mark from Philippines
Chow Chow Pictures 664
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hydewell batang
Posted by susan cockman from raleigh nc
Chow Chow Pictures 671
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Chow Chow Pictures 678
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Posted by a visitor from TORONTO
Chow Chow Pictures 679
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Roscoe, 8 1/2 months and still
Posted by Kim Ramos from Philippines
Chow Chow Pictures 694
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this is baby chow@2m
Chow Chow Pictures 718
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Vinnie at 4 Months
Posted by Sarcyn from UK
Chow Chow Pictures 729
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Vinnie sleeping after a swim i
Posted by sarcyn from UK
Chow Chow Pictures 730
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Pookie just woke up!
Posted by Nina Hernandez from Bronx, NY
Chow Chow Pictures 735
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Hi, mama, it's me, Pookie!
Posted by Nina Hernandez from Bronx, NY
Chow Chow Pictures 736
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Posted by Eniko from Hungary
Chow Chow Pictures 741
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Posted by Eniko from Hungary
Chow Chow Pictures 742
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how sweet it is
Posted by Kathy from Gates Mills Ohio
Chow Chow Pictures 756
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Chow Chow Pictures 757
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Eddie Rolling in Snow
Posted by Joe from Abbeville, MS
Chow Chow Pictures 785
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Tippi and Princessa
Posted by Pam from FL
Chow Chow Pictures 852
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User-Contributed Chow Chow Information
Below are user-submitted comments about Chow Chow behavior, Chow Chow training, Chow Chow health, and more. If you have experience with or just an interest in the breed, you can post your comments by clicking the link below!

Favorite Chow Chow Comments

My mom was a Chow breeder in the 20s and 30s. I was raised by a Chow. She lived to be 13. Knocked me backward onto the grassy curb when I attempted to step into the street as a small child. I remember it well! Wonderful dogs. If not for my cats, I would have one now. It would be tough on my cats,so I will not do it. They are house cats don't need the competition.
- Posted by pat from ct
Hi We have had our Tervuren for 13 years. We also had a Belgian Sheepdog which we had to put down at the age of 13 last year. They are wonderful dogs. Jasper is very protective. He is a natural herder and is suspicious of visitors. Once he gets to know them he never forgets them. Our next Dog will be another Belgian of some sort. I am sold on the breed. They are loving, energetic dogs who need alot of attention and exercize,we are Giving out the Dogs to a Caring Home and Loverly Family who wi
- Posted by Ms helen from philipines
Dont leave them unsupervised they are wondering dogs.
- Posted by Esha from Dublin
Additional Chow Chow Comments
Most dogs aren't great guard dogs unless they have trinnaig. And chances are you won't find a dog that's awesome with kids but also be a fearsome guard dog. Sussex are supposed to be pretty laid back dogs and there's no reason why they wouldn't be good with kids. They're not a very common breed and you may have trouble finding one.
- Posted by Nayara from yoTRftuFlQsO
i have a chow mix...9 years old..has been an outdoor indoor ...he his shedding in clumps is this normal...and has really dry flaky skin is this normal help
- Posted by dawn from gainesville , ga
Both times that I was pregnant our chow Kita was constantly under my feet which was very unusual for her. She was typically more aloof. She ALWAYS sat at the foot of whatever chair I was in and she would sleep on the floor of my side of the bed (consequently I tripped over her every night on my many trips to the bathroom). Once I had the babies she protected them by sleeping outside their bedrooms.
- Posted by Kelly from Alaska
replying to some of your posts above , my chow ~batang~ pictured here at this website, batang is now 11 years old, lives outside year round , has hundreds of acres to run, play, and hunt ! is incredible hunter, so smart, and silent when he goes out . when i go ouit with ion in the woods , he disppears the instant you glace away , yet he is always right close , watching . he can run with the deer !
- Posted by susan cockman from raleigh nc
I don't know if this is a breed thing or just mine but he loves hiding his treats before he eats my bed. It would be annoying if his pitiful look when you find them and yell at him wasn't so cute.
- Posted by Amanda from Nashville, TN
provide a soft bed for your chow chow for they are typically a lazy breed a require a whole lot of comfort
- Posted by timm from atlanta
Don't neglect Skin problems
- Posted by Jill from Ohio
Chow Chow Information
The Chow Chow is a square balanced arctic type dog with a beautiful offstanding double coat. The hallmark of the breed is the blue tongue and stilted gait. The Chow was bred to hunt and guard. They are an aloof, independent character.

Chow Chow Common Health Screenings
The following health screenings are often performed by responsible Chow Chow breeders:

CERF Screening (Canine Eye Research Foundation)
Elbow Displasia (OFA, by X-Ray)
Hip Dysplasia (OFA or PennHIP)
Thyroid Function Test (blood test)

Chow Chow Health Issues