QualityDogs.com Terms of Use Agreement

This Terms of Use Agreement covers the site WWW.QUALITYDOGS.COM and users of the site. Use of QualityDogs.com for any purpose constitutes acceptance of these Terms of Use. The term Members refers to breeders who have created a membership on QualityDogs.com. The term Visitors refers to non-member users of the website, and to members who use the website in a capacity not related to managing their own membership. In this agreement, the terms We and Us refer to QualityDogs.com and its owners. The following are covered in this Agreement:

1. Purpose of site

2. Disclaimer

3. Paid Membership, Advertising, and Free Ads

4. Immediacy of Content

5. Acceptable Content

6. Unacceptable Content

7. Acceptable Use of Information

8. Violation of Terms of Use

9. Indemnity

10. Other

11. Additional Member Terms of Use

If users have questions or concerns regarding this statement, they should contact Customer Support at support@qualitydogs.com

1. Purpose of Site

QualityDogs.com is a website dedicated to dogs and their human families. In addition to offering information on dog health, nutrition, and care, and breed-specific information, we maintain a membership base of pure-bred dog breeders. These members have not been screened by and are not endorsed or guaranteed by QualityDogs.com. Members are able to create Profiles which describe themselves and their dogs, and these profiles are available for searching and viewing by Visitors to the site. Also, Members may create more specific Ads that can also be searched and viewed by Visitors. We also facilitate communication between Members and Visitors by automating an email notification process, and we provide a forum in which Visitors can post breed-specific questions that can be answered by Members.

In addition to information presented by Breeder Members, QualityDogs.com allows site visitors to post Free Ads, including Puppy Wanted, Rescue, Lost/Found, and Pet Memorials. The Visitors posting these ads have not been screened by and are not endorsed or guaranteed by QualityDogs.com.

2. Disclaimer
QualityDogs.com highlights dog breeders, dogs for sale, puppies for sale, and dog breeds. Although QualityDogs.com promotes and encourages responsible breeding practices, this site cannot evaluate or endorse any dog breeders and cannot warranty or endorse any puppies for sale or dogs for sale on this site. QualityDogs.com is not responsible for the truth or accuracy of information or photos presented by site members or visitors. It is the responsibility of the prospective buyer to evaluate dog breeders and make decisions based on the information that buyer obtains directly from those dog breeders. Anyone purchasing from or otherwise entering into a financial transaction with any member, former member, or visitor does so at their own risk. QualityDogs.com plays no part in any purchase transaction, but strongly recommends that anyone purchasing or selling a dog or puppy establish and sign a purchase contract, including any applicable guarantee of health, prior to the transfer of any money, for the protection of both the buyer and seller. All Breeder Listing and Ad content, as well as the execution of any guarantees or warranties, is the sole responsibility of the member. All Free Ad posting content is the sole responsibility of the party posting that content. QualityDogs.com assumes no responsibility or legal liability for any such content.

By using QualityDogs.com to contact Members, former Members, posters of Free Listings, posters on Message Boards, or any other method of contact, you understand and agree that QualityDogs.com is not liable for any communcation or any transaction you may enter into, including but not limited to the purchase of a puppy or adult dog, and the execution of any guarantees or warranties, health-related or otherwise, associated with any such communcation or purchase transaction.

QualityDogs.com makes every effort to prevent the posting of unacceptable content to our website. However, because much of the posted content is immediately available for viewing on the website, QualityDogs.com is not responsible for any such content.

For site-supplied content, QualityDogs.com makes every effort to verify information and to ensure the accuracy of information. However, QualityDogs.com is not responsible for the accuracy of any such information, including data on health, nutrition, diseases, and breed profiles. All canine health information is provided for general informational purposes only; any user needing specific health information should consult a licensed veterinarian.

QualityDogs.com is not reponsible for the accuracy of any answers supplied by Members in the Breed Question Forum.

3. Paid Membership, Advertising, and Free Ads
QualityDogs.com membership is limited to breeders and is a paid membership service. Members are automatically listed under their breed(s) in the Breeder List section of the site. Additionally, Members may pay for and place Litter/Adult Announcements, which appear in the Puppies For Sale/View Breeder Ads sections of the site. For the additional Member Terms of Use that applies specifically to site members, in addition to these Terms of Use, click here.

Site Visitors may place Free Ads in the Rescue, Lost/Found Dogs, Memorials, and Puppy Wanted sections of the site. All Terms outlined herein, including but not limited to those referencing Content, Liability, and Disclaimers, apply to all Visitor Free Ad postings and any contact by other Visitors or site Members resulting from those postings.

Use of QualityDogs.com by Visitors is free.

4. Immediacy of Content
Much of the content entered, and picture files uploaded, by Members is immediately made available to website Visitors. Additionally, questions posted by Visitors in the Breed Question Forum are immediately available on the website. Because this content is not reviewed prior to it being available on the website, all Members, as well as Visitors posting Breed Question Forum questions, must adhere to the Acceptable Content rules below.

5. Acceptable Content
The term Content refers to any and all data, text or photographic image, entered and uploaded to QualityDogs.com by any Member or Visitor

QualityDogs.com is presented for friends and fanciers of companion dogs, show dogs, sporting dogs, working dogs, and dog athletes. All content posted by Members and Visitors MUST remain true to this topic. All text posted must reflect the positive, responsible, and caring attitude that is central to QualityDogs.com. All images uploaded to QualityDogs.com must be of dogs and/or puppies and must reflect healthy animals in an appropriate setting. All content posted, including but not limited to text of breeder listings, ads, message board postings, and photos accompanying any such listing, are the sole legal responsibility of the individual posting that content.

QualityDogs.com reserves the right to remove any member information, advertisement, posting, or photograph, in part or in whole, that the site owners, or any agent or committe appointed by the site owners, feel does not reflect the topic, standards, or spirit of the site; is a misuse or deceptive use of the site; or unfairly or inaccurately represents the site, it's members, or others in the broader pet community.

6. Uncceptable Content
Any content that is off-topic or does not adhere to the Acceptable Content guidelines above is considered unacceptable.

Specifically, the following content is unacceptable and a direct violation of this Agreement:

Graphic, slanderous, obscene, sexual, inflammatory, or profane language.
Graphic, obscene, or sexual images.
Defamatory or negative statements about another breeder, site, business, or individual.
Text or images that demonstrate or include references to abuse or neglect of any human or animal.
Text or images that promote or make reference to the current act of intentionally fighting dogs, the organization of such an activity, the breeding of dogs for such an activity, or the fitness of a dog/puppy for such an activity.
Text or images that are not owned by the member or authorized by the owner of such content for use by the member.
Any text or graphic image content that is in violation of local, state, or Federal law(s), or any text or graphic image that demonstrates or reflects the violation of such law(s).

7. Acceptable Use of Information
Membership profiles are for the posting of general information pertaining to that member. Ads are for specific information regarding pups or adults available. Members agree to the purpose and use of those services. QualityDogs.com allows Members free unlimited access to update and modify their Membership Profile; however, the Profile is not to be used as a substitute for Ads and should not contain specific litter or available adult information in the absence of Ad(s).

Free Ads posted by Visitors are for the specific purposes outlined in each Free Ad category. Visitors posting Free Ads agree to post only acceptable content that stays within the purpose of the Free Ad category.

Content posted by Members and Visitors, including but not limited to text and graphic images, may not be used in any way without the express written consent of the party posting that content.

Content presented by QualityDogs.com, including but not limited to text, graphic images, and the "look" of the site, is the sole property of QualityDogs.com and may not be used or reproduced without the express written consent of QualityDogs.com.

Visitors may contact Members by phone, mail, email, or via our Notify Me feature. Members and visitors are not to use any contact information in any way not supported by QualityDogs.com: i.e. spamming.

8. Violation of Terms of Use
QualityDogs.com is committed both to the safety and humane treatment of animals, and to the safe, healthy Internet experience.

QualityDogs.com reserves the right to determine content to be in violation of this Terms of Use Agreement. In the case of such a violation, QualityDogs.com reserves the right to remove such content without notice. Additionally, QualityDogs.com may, at our discretion, take civil action against any violator posting graphic, slanderous, obscene, sexual, inflammatory, profane, or abusive content to the website, or any content referring to or depicting animal abuse or neglect. If any such content is in violation of local, state, or Federal law, or if civil action is pursued against any member or poster, QualityDogs.com will cooperate fully with any legal investigation, including providing all identifying information of the violator.

You agree to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend QualityDogs.com, our employees, officers, directors, agents, providers, and administrative designees from and against all claims, actions, or demands, including resonable legal fees and court costs, resulting from any breach by you of these Member Terms of Use or Site Terms of Use, from any action taken by a site visitor or agent thereof, or from any other liability.

Any legal dispute arising in connection with these Terms of Use shall be first attempted to be settled by mediation. If that is not successful, then the dispute shall be settled by arbitration to be held in North Carolina in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration Association, and this agreement to arbitrate shall be specifically enforceable. Any award shall be final and binding on all parties, and a final judgement may be entered in the appropriate court of law. Notwithstanding this, should any litigation ensue between the parties, then the prevailing party shall be entitled to reasonable expenses and attorney fees as set by the Court. This site is created and controlled by QualityDogs.com in the state of North Carolina, the United States of America, whose laws will govern these Terms of Use and any legal controversy. You consent to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the State of North Carolina and of the United States for any litigation arising out of our web site's use and operation, waive any objection to this state on improper jurisdiction an/or venue grounds, and agree not to argue that any such litigation brought there has been brought in an inconvenient forum. If any provision of these Member Terms of Use shall be deemed unlawful, void, or for any reason unenforceable by any court of competent jurisdiction, then that provision shall be deemed severable from the rest of the provisions and shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any of the remaining ones.

11. Additional Member Terms of Use
QualityDogs.com MEMBERS also must accept and are bound by additional Member Terms of Use. Member Terms of Use can be viewed here.

Contact Information
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