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Mirage Siberians

Breed:   Siberian Husky   |   Member Since 8/9/2010
The application below has been created and posted by this member, and when this application is completed, the answers are submitted only to this member, and this member may choose to respond at his/her discretion. does not review any completed applications.
ALL potential homes are screened for suitable placements. We may refuse placement for any reason. By submitting, you give permission to investigate and confirm the information that you provide. Please understand that these checks are done in order to assure a life long placement. We want to make sure the right puppy getís in the right home, so you can enjoy your new puppy to its fullest!
Contact Information
Phone Number
(Please provide your full name above) Home Address & Mailing address if Different from Home Address:
I live in a: (Example: House, Apt., Condo Etc.)
Number of Adults & Children in Household, and their AGES:
What will you do with this pet when you need to travel?
Does anyone have any concerns about adopting this pet? And if so what are the concerns?
Do you have a fenced yard? Height? Fencing material? (ex: Chainlink, privacy, etc)If you do not have a fence how do you plan on exercising your new Siberian?
This pet will be kept: (ex: inside, Outside, both)& How long will this pet be left home alone during the day? How many hrs and how many days of the week?
Where will this pet be kept while you are at work or away from home?
Where will this pet sleep at night?
Would you be willing to do obedience training with the dog if needed?
Yes      No
Are you willing/able to purchase and use a crate if needed or advised?
Yes      No
Who are you getting this animal for? Self? As a gift for?
What would you do if a problem develops with your new dog?
What would you do if your pet were lost or stolen?
Please describe your annual vet visit.
Are you looking for a pet, show, or breeding animal?
Are you planning on spaying/neutering the puppy? If No Please explain.
Do you have any other animals? cats, small animals, other dogs etc? If so what?
Have you had a Siberian before? Why would you like to add a Siberian Husky to your family at this time? What drew you to the Siberian as a breed? And any pluses or minuses you might see as difficult. Please feel free to list some unique Siberian tendencies.
What qualities are you looking for in the Siberian that you would like? Be very specific (very active vs. couch potato; want to do obedience work/agility/fly ball; etc) so that we can make the best match possible.
What feature are you looking for in a Siberian puppy? Coat color? Eye color? And are these preferences negotiable?
*Please understand that we do not breed for coat/eye color. We are breeding to better our breeds conformation, temperament, etc. These are the most important things to think about when producing a puppy whether it be to show, or a companion. We want them to be sound in mind and body, to insure they live a long and healthy life.*
By submitting this Questionnaire, You confirm that all of the information in this application is correct and complete to the best of your knowledge.
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