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Breed:   Miniature Bull Terrier   |   Member Since 5/12/2010
Location Fredericksburg, VA
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Show & Event Participation
The show and event results shown are posted by this member. They have not been verified in any way. If you are interested in a dog or puppy from this breeder, it is always a good idea to verify these results with the applicable registry or show organizer.

2018: Magic finished her AKC Championship, Paisley took Best of Breed over a special in April, Kargo went Reserve Winner's Dog at the MBTCA Parent Specialties I and II, and was first in his class at the National in October, Paisley was 1st in her class at the MBTCA National in October

2017: Ramen finished his AKC Championship, Bubbles finished her AKC Championship, Bubbles & Magic earned their Trick Dog Novice Titles (TKN)

October 2016: Magic took breed over a top 20 special at the show in Chesapeake, Virginia.

August 2016: Church finished his AKC Championship in Greenville, NC.

July 2016: Carly won a 5-point major in Richmond, Virginia. Bubbles won 2 majors at the same cluster.

June 2016: Church won 3 majors in Richmond, Virginia.

April 2016: Yoda snagged another 3-point major (in Concord, NC) as well as 3 single points (in Timonium, MD) towards his AKC Championship! This boy is on fire :)

April 2016: Bubbles got 3 single points towards her AKC Championship in Timonium, Maryland!

March 2016: Yoda took Winner's Dog for 2 separate 3-point majors his first two times in the ring as a 6-month old puppy in Raleigh, NC! The next weekend in Concord, NC, Yoda snagged a 3rd major on his 3rd trip in the ring!

February 2016: Paddy took Best of Opposite & Best of Winners in West Friendship, Maryland!

February 2016: Pippa took Select at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show in New York City! She placed ahead of the top 2 Miniature Bull Terrier bitches in the country.

February 2016: Ramen took Best of Breed for his first point towards his Championship!

January 2016: Pippa took Best of Breed 2 days and Select 2 days in Fredericksburg, Virginia!

Pippa finished 2015 as the #6 Mini Bull in the USA, and was invited to show at Westminster in NYC in February 2016!

October 2015: Pippa awarded Select in the Morris & Essex show.

July 2015: Pippa earned her CH and took a Terrier Group 4 in Greenville SC! Less than 2 weeks later she earned her GCH title.

June 2015: Emma awarded Best of Opposite over a top-10 special in Richmond, VA!

May 2015: Pippa awarded a Terrier Group 3 in Woodstock, Virginia!

April 2015: Jelly Bean finished her AKC Championship!

March 2015: Jelly Bean got 2 majors and a single point at the Raleigh, NC & Concord, NC shows. Mason picked up his 2nd point in Raleigh.

March 2015: Benny got the last 2 points he needed in York, PA. He's now an AKC Champion! Mason picked up his first point as well.

February 2015: Puzzle took Best of Breed two days in a row, adding 4 points to her quest for her AKC Conformation Championship, in West Friendship, Maryland.

January 2015: Benny took his 3rd major win, going Best of Breed in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

September 2014: Nifty took Best of Breed for his 2nd major, making him an AKC Champion!

August 2014: Nifty took BOW for a 3-point major in Greensboro, SC. Benny took BOS for a 5-point major as well!!

June 2014: Nifty took BOB at the Richmond, VA shows...TWICE! Benny took BOB once as well.

February 2014: Trixie took BOW for a 3-pt major at the Denver shows.

July 2012: Lady finished her AKC Championship!!

January 2012: Rowena finished her AKC Championship!!

11-13-2011 - MBTCA Parent Specialty Show (Huntsville, AL) - Kenron's Close Enough to Perfect for Patronus - WB, BOW, 5-point major!

11-12-2011 - MBTCA Parent Specialty Show (Huntsville, AL) - Kenron's Close Enough to Perfect for Patronus - WB, 4-point major!

11-10-2011 - MBTCA Supported Show (Huntsville, AL) - Patronus Potion Puzzle - WB, BOW, 5-point major!

11-6-2011 - Black Mountain Kennel Club Show - Kenron's Close Enough to Perfect for Patronus, WB, BOW, Best of Breed.

11-5-2011 - Black Mountain Kennel Club Show - Kenron's Close Enough to Perfect for Patronus, WB, BOS

2-20-2011 - Greenville Kennel Club Show - Patronus Fizzing Whizzbee - Winners Dog, Best of Winners, 3-point major!

6-5-2010 & 6-6-2010 - Mississippi Valley Kennel Club Shows - Patronus Fizzing Whizzbee - Best of Breed BOTH days over the current #1 Mini Bull in the US. Not bad for a 6-month old puppy :)

6-12-2010 & 6-13-2010 - Colorado Springs Kennel Club Shows - Gandolf's Wollongong Shimmy at Patronus - WB both days, 2 points total

5-23-2010 - Logan, Utah shows - Gandolf's Wollongong Shimmy at Patronus - WB, BOW 1 point

5-23-2010 - Logan, Utah shows - Patronus Chocolate Frog - RWB

9-13-2009 - Farmington, Utah shows - Cambria's Lily Potter at Patronus - WB, BOW 2 points

9-13-2009 - Farmington, Utah shows - Gandolf's Wollongong Shimmy at Patronus - RWB