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Breed:   Miniature Bull Terrier   |   Member Since 5/12/2010
Location Fredericksburg, VA
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Owner Contract
The new owner contract shown is a sample posted by this member as a representative of the agreement you would enter into prior to obtaining a puppy/dog from this breeder. It is not, nor does it imply, a contract with or guarantee by, endorsement by of this contract, or any responsibility, express or implied, by The breeder listed is solely responsible for the content of this contract and its satisfaction. For your protection, recommends obtaining a printed, signed copy of any contract.

My puppy contract terms vary according to whether you are purchasing the pup for show or as a pet, if I am co-owning the pup with you, etc. Below is the template of the contract that I work off of for PET homes. Please be aware that the exact terms are subject to change.

Terms of Purchase

By signing below, both Kathleen Coffman of Patronus Miniature Bull Terriers (hereafter referred to as “Seller”) and __________________________________________________ (hereafter referred to as “Buyer”), fully understand and agree to abide by the following terms of purchase for the above-named dog (hereafter referred to as “puppy”) in full.

1) The Buyer shall provide the puppy with all appropriate care, including but not limited to proper housing, feeding, training, veterinary care, and any necessary health screenings such as heart Doppler/UPC/OFA certifications/etc, at the Buyer’s expense throughout the puppy’s lifetime.

2) The Seller extends a health guarantee for the puppy as follows: a replacement pet-quality dog of the Seller’s choosing shall be offered to the Buyer should this puppy at any time be diagnosed with a serious hereditary disorder that will either significantly shorten the puppy’s lifespan or significantly impact the puppy’s quality of life. PLL is not covered, as PLL status is disclosed at the time of sale. When requesting the replacement dog the Buyer shall provide a definitive diagnosis from two separate veterinarians (to include at least one specialist in the area of defect) to the Seller documenting the responsible hereditary disorder as well as the implications. Additionally, the Buyer understands that there may be a waiting period before a replacement dog becomes available, and that (although there will be no charge for the replacement dog) all costs associated with shipping the replacement dog to the Buyer shall be paid for in full by the Buyer prior to the replacement dog being sent.

3) Any and all costs occurred from the diagnosis and treatment any and all medical conditions, including but not limited to routine veterinary care, emergency care, physical therapy, treatment of genetic/hereditary disorders, etc of this puppy shall be the sole responsibility of the Buyer.

4) If the Buyer is no longer able to care for the puppy for any reason at any point in the puppy’s life, the Buyer shall return the puppy to the Seller and sign over in full the AKC registration papers for the puppy to the Seller. No refunds of any kind, in full or in part, will be extended from the Seller to the Buyer in case of the puppy’s return. Under no circumstances shall the puppy be surrendered to a shelter or rescue group of any kind.

5) Buyer agrees that they are not purchasing the puppy on behalf of any 3rd party, to include but not limited to relatives/children/pet stores/friends/businesses/puppy brokers/etc, and that the puppy is being purchased for themselves with the sole intention to keep the puppy with them as their pet at their physical address for the duration of the puppy’s life. Buyer further submits that this puppy is not being purchased with intent to be given to anyone as a gift, offered for resale, given away, etc. Buyer agrees that the dog may not be transferred either in title and/or physically to any 3rd party while the puppy is intact (i.e. not spayed/neutered). Transfer of the puppy prior to spay/neuter in either title and/or physically to any 3rd party will result in a penalty of $10,000 to be paid in full to the Breeder within 7 days of any unauthorized transfer.

6) The Buyer shall take responsibility in full for any and all actions of this puppy throughout it’s lifetime, including but not limited to any and all damages as well as any and all civil and legal action and fees resulting from injury to any human, animal, or property that this puppy may incur throughout his/her lifetime.

7) The Buyer shall spay/neuter the puppy no earlier than 6 months of age and no later than 9 months of age. Proof of spay/neuter shall be mailed to the Seller within 30 days of the surgery. Spay/neuter prior to 6 months of age shall null & void the health guarantee above (#2) in full. Failure to spay/neuter the puppy prior to 9 months of age shall both null & void the health guarantee above (#2) in full AND shall result in a $1,000 fine, payable by the Buyer to the Seller within 7 days of the puppy’s 9 month birthday.

8) If this puppy is used for breeding purposes at any time, regardless of the circumstances (and to include accidental/unintended matings), the Buyer shall pay a $10,000 fine to the Seller within 7 days of the breeding occurring. This fine shall apply to each and every instance of the puppy being bred, and it shall be applied regardless of whether puppies are produced from the breeding.

9) The Buyer agrees to complete a puppy obedience/kindergarten class prior to the pup reaching 8 months of age. A copy of the certificate of completion shall be mailed to the Seller within 30 days of the completion date.

10) If the puppy earns his/her AKC Canine Good Citizenship Title at any point during the puppy’s life, the Buyer shall submit the test to the AKC and then send a copy of the AKC CGC Title certificate to the Seller. The Seller will send a “congratulations!” gift to the puppy and will refund the $20 AKC filing fee for the CGC Title to the Buyer.

By signing below, both the Buyer and the Seller agree that this contract does not guarantee anything not explicitly stated above. Buyer and Seller both completely understand all of the terms of the contract and shall abide by them fully. Should any legal action or collections be necessary on behalf of the Seller to enforce the terms of this contract, the Buyer shall fully reimburse any and all legal / collections fees associated with this action in full to the Seller within 30 days. Both parties agree that any and all legal action relating to this contract shall occur in Virginia.