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What breed do you think makes the best companion, and why?

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What breed do you think makes the best companion, and why?
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User-Submitted Answers
Aussies! Because they are licking your tears away when you cry, and forcing you to play when you are scared to go outside, and acting the clown until you remember how to laugh again.
- Angela from Columbia, MO, USA
pitbull there good dogs n there protective
- justin from memphis, tennessee, USA
i believe a daschund is the best beed because they are kind and loving i have 2 and we are expecting the puppies to come in abot one week ..they are good with kids and are calm.
- abby from aldridge, ohio, USA
I have ben an obedience trainer for over 25yrs. In my opinion there is nothing like a German Shepherd as a loyal, devoted and extremely intellegent companion. Excellent family and childrens dog. They are very in tune with their owners feelings.
- Judith from Mena, AR, USA
Hands down the best breed we ever had was a French Bulldog. He was always so funny and so loving and so sweet. I hope we can find another one just like him!!!
- Farina from Argentina
I think it depends more on the individual dog that the breed of the dog. I really think it is more about how the dog is raised that makes it a good friendly companion
- Teres from Naples, ITA
I think all breeds are wonderful in their own way! It's impossible to pick one that is the best companion...
- Mike from Chicago, IL, USA
I think it's the Chihuahua, because they are so small and easy to take with you everywhere!
- Breanna from Culver City, CA, USA