Scottish Terrier Questions

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Scottish Terrier

Scottish Terrier Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 1/31/2005
what type (if any) medical problems occur with this breed ? Iam interested in purchasing a puppy.

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4/2/05 there is VWD , which can be tested for through VEtGEn. There is also CMO ( craniomandibular Osteopathy) there is also Scottie cramp. CMO and scottie cramp do not show until the later months.Scottie cramp can be seen when the puppy walks while CMO is in the Jaws. DO NOT go to a breeder who sells their scotties before 12 weeks. They are not screening for either of these disorders. There are also Liver problems and Cushings. You can find more info on scottie health on lainie
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