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We are currently only able to accept new membership applications from individuals in the United States and Canada. We hope to open memberships to others in the future. is a site dedicated to dog lovers and to breeders of registered, purebred dogs.
Breeders are able to participate in the site, be listed in our Breeder List, and place Litter/Adult Announcements via a site membership. Your site membership provides a place for you to describe your dogs, your breed involvement, show and trials activites, health screenings, etc., and you will have space to upload pictures of your dogs. Additionally, you will be able to place "Announcements" for new or upcoming litters, or for adults you wish to place in forever homes. Some of the advantages of include:

  • Continuous membership allows you to maintain a long-term description of your dogs and your philosophies.
  • Spaces for important breeder characteristics are provided, including Breed Club Membership, Health Testing Results, Show Results, Health Guarantee, Contract, and New Home/Owner Application.
  • You can choose what contact information to display, including your name, address, and phone number, as well as a link to your own website.
  • When visitors communicate with you by email, the message is sent through a secure on-site email system, which effectively hides your email address from spammers and email harvesting technology.
  • You may upload unlimited photos to your membership profile.
  • Our Announcements allow you to focus on an individual litter or dog, and to include additional pictures. Each Announcement is linked back to your membership information, so visitors can see both the specific information and general information about you and your philosophies.
  • All your membership information, including your pictures, can be accessed by your Control Panel, which allows you to keep your information updated and keep your pictures, health testing info, and show results current.
  • Our Mailing List feature allows visitors to the site to join your personal mailing list, and you can send them messages right from your Control Panel.
  • Our Wanted list allows visitors to post notices that they are interested in a breed, and you can contact them through your Control Panel as well.
  • Our Breed Questions section allows visitors to ask specific breed-related questions which are only visible to members. Answering them is an excellent way to help people learn more about your breed.

The following points will outline this membership so that you may determine if it is worthwhile to continue. A complete list of requirements and Terms of Use agreement will follow on a later page.
  • Membership application is subject to review by management and/or their designees. Approval is not guaranteed.
  • Membership is limited to BREEDERS of only purebred, registered dogs.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age to apply for membership.
  • Membership may be denied or membership revoked at the discretion of management and/or their designees, for reasons including but not limited to: puppy brokering, breeding mixed breeds, falsification of application or membership information, dog registry investigation or banning, criminal or civil charges or litigation pending, and complaint(s) by site visitors.

Some examples of people who would be denied membership include:

  • Brokers or importers of dogs and/or puppies
  • Breeders who raise mixed breeds
  • Anyone who provides false information on the membership application or on any supplementary membership information
  • A breeder who raises many breeds of dogs and/or produces a large number of litters.
  • A breeder who knowingly breeds an adult dog with a significant hereditary or potentially hereditary condition.

The following pages will contain the membership application. Within the application, you will be able to upload digital pictures of your dogs/puppies, so you may want to make sure you have those pictures available before continuing (they will need to be in JPG or GIF format, and less than 1 Mb in size). You can always add the pictures later via your control panel, but most people like to have them up right from the beginning.

Frequently Asked Questions for this page

Q: I have an adult dog we got from a breeder a couple of years ago. We can't keep him, so I want to sell him. How can I put an ad for him on your site?
A: Although this may not be your intent, you would be classified as a "broker" according to the rules of the site. That is, you would be selling a dog bred by someone else. Fundamentally, if your dog came from a responsible breeder they would require that you return him if you can't keep him. If this is not the case, then we do have a Rescue section that will allow you to place a listing... however, we have set a low limit to the "adoption fee" that can be asked. Just click on Rescue Ads to the left. We also recommend that you contact the national rescue organization for your breed. Some will be listed on the Breed Profile on this site; if not, just try typing in (breedname) rescue in any search engine.

Q: How do you define what is a "mixed breed?" Maltipoos and Labradoodles can be registered with some registries!
A: We take our general standards from the American Kennel Club, and from common sense. A "breed" has characteristics that are defined and can be reproduced generation after generation. Simply crossing two purebreds and giving the offspring a cute name does not produce a "breed." Creating a genetically sound and reproducible breed would take many generations of coordinated effort, recordkeeping, and control by a knowledgeable and commited group of people.