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Pug Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 4/1/2006
I have now had two pugs with pug encephalitis. They came from different breeders so were not related. I am now scared to get another one. What percentage of pugs get this disease which is fatal. My first one was nine months old and the second one was eighteeen months. I was told at Guelph Venenary College that they had only had one before. What are my chances if I get one again.

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4/8/06 I'm sorry you and your babies had this happen. Unfortunitally its very difficult to tell what Pugs are going to get this nasty sickness & which ones aren't. Many other Neurological diseases have been misdiagnosed for PDE - Its unfortuniate but it does happen leaving many of us to believe that PDE is what takes our babies - I wouldn't think your chances of getting another Pug with PDE are great. Do your homework; Research the breeder you are interested in adopting another Pug from. Request references. Meet the breeder in Person; spend some time talking with him/her and utilize some of that time with the breeders Pugs. Be observent and ask for Health Verification. I hope this helps. Roseann
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