Collie Questions

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Collie Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 2/16/2005
I just got my first show collie pup. What are good dryfoods to feed her?

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2/17/05 There are many good quality foods out there. My personal choice is Science Diet, Sensitive Skin. This food's name implies that it is for dogs with skin problems, it really was designed to promote healthy skin and coat. I have had beautiful coats on my dogs since switching to it. Everyone has their personal choices, and most have good luck with most foods. You may ask your breeder what they use. Patti & Tommy
Highlander Collies
2/25/05 I my collie has a very silky coat and is very active and healthy. After speaking with my vet when she had dry skin, I went to Purnina One (Not the one for Large Breeds - the pieces were hard for her to chew.) I have have WONDERFUL results with this food. Valerie
3/2/05 Ohh my gosh science diet and purina? Wow. I would not feed a show pup either of those foods. Of course vets will tell you to feed them because vets get rewards from the companies. I worked for a vet who sold science diet and the employees even got rewards for every bag they sold! Anyhow, some great food brands are natural balance, wellness, solid gold, chicken soup, flint river ranch, california natural, and I could go on and on. The best thing would be to read up on some dog nutrition and make your own judgement. Good luck. Here is a great site on nutrition! Tawny
Cashil Collies
7/30/05 Nutro is what we feed and collies do thrive on this feed, especially the tris. Nice BLACK coats! Grooming time is cut in half in my opinion. Not all Collies have skin problems, we breed away from that sort of thing, although we are amazed with Nutro. Lacy
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