Collie Questions

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Collie Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 12/8/2007
If my collie is really mean by the age of three years of age what should I do? Should I get her preagnate? Should I get her fixed? What should I do?

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12/14/07 Unless you are showing her you need to have her spayed. John & Linda
Harley Collies
12/17/07 Is she mean only at certain times, for instance feeding time, with people, with other dogs? Getting her spayed should help but it is not typical for a collie to exhibit overall meanness. It would be good to get to the root of the problem by determining what factors trigger her agression. Rachel
Offshore Collies
8/17/13 EVERY collie not intended for the show ring needs to be neutered. There are TOO MANY poorly bred collies in the world-just check with collie rescue and your local pound! With all the genetic issues in certain lines of collies it is incredibly easy for a well-meaning but novice backyard breeder to breed BLIND or seriously ill puppies. This is irresponsible behavior that causes unnecessary suffering for all concerned. CCofA breeders are committed to saving the collie breed in a HEALTHY way so that all generations can continue to enjoy this outstanding and wonderful breed. Your girl will live and long, healthier, more relaxed life as a spayed bitch (same for males). You can avoid the slight incontinence that occasionally happens after a spay surgery (due to the drop in estrogen production) by having your vet leave in one ovary. Everyone wins with pets being spayed. The purpose for breeding is to create ever-more perfect collies, not just MORE collies. Out of every litter bred for show, o Suanne
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