Collie Questions

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Collie Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 11/9/2004
i am looking to purchase a collie and am not familiar with all the terms. what is the difference when a breeder says pedigree or akc or both for a dog and what is the differene if it says champion bloodlines or champion sired some say yes for one and no for the other. would that make a difference in price and also I noticed some breeders you cant breed your dog if you buy one how can you if you want to are there breeders who let you breed.

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11/22/04 Hello, I will try to answer your questions as best as I can. A) Pedigree - The dogs starting with sire and dam that go back many generations of heritage. B) AKC - American Kennel Club. Means the puppy/or dog is registered/registerable with the AKC. C) champion bloodlines can appear for only one parent of the puppy/dog. This means the sire or dam is the result from breeding into developed champion bloodlines. D) Champion sired - The sire is a champion of record. E) Price differences depend upon many factors, and we believe it is best to ask breeders this question themselves. F) To keep the breed going in the direction of the "Collie Standard" ( is important that breeders carefully select their future stock and place the puppies that do not possess the right qualities in pet homes. These pet puppies are usually sold on spay/nueter contracts, which means the breeders do not want the puppies bred when they become adults. F) The best advice I can Margie & Phillip
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