Collie Questions

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Collie Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 3/15/2007
what kind of heartworm prevention do you use on your collies?

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3/15/07 You asked what heartworm medication I use on our Collies. At the present none, since it is not a problem in our area. However, it is more of a question of what I would not use. Up to 75% of Collies (and many of the other herding breeds ) may have a gene that plays an important role in the absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion of many drugs which may lead to a drug toxicity in them which would not bother other breeds. Without genetic testing you can't know if your pet is susceptible. The Ivermectin class (macroclyclic lactones)of antiparisitics used for heartworm prevention are all potentially dangerous for a Collie with the gene. The Heartworm meds are Ivermectin (Heartguard), Selamectin(Revolution), Moxidectin(Proheart), Milbemycin(Interceptor), and abamectin(). We know a lady from Canada who had a 2 year-old Collie in perfect that began having severe neurological symptoms and finally died after being treated with Revolution for heartworm. The inte Melvin
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