Collie Questions

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Collie Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 2/13/2007
please let me know if anyone's collie ( rough ) has or had acute pancreatitis. on a scale of 1- 10 ( 10 being severe ) my dog is at a 5. please comment with any similar situations.

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8/12/07 Sorry about the delay, I forget to check email related to this site very often. We have a female and one of her boys that both have acute pancreatitis. She came down with it when she was pregnant with the litter. Needless to say, we will not breed her again. I am not sure what the rating is for her, but I can tell you that it requires Viocase to be mixed in with her food or she does not digest it. I would like to hear more from you as this appears to be fairly rare in collies, but not in European German Shepherds. I can be reached by email at Russell
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