Collie Questions

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Collie Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 5/17/2006
We have a blue merle male collie - rough coat. He is almost 3 years old and we are considering purchasing a female puppy for future breeding and of course as a pet! I am wondering if there is a preferable color female I should look for to give us a variety of colored pups?

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5/21/06 Unless you are a very experienced breeder, you should only consider a tri color female puppy. If you breed a blue merle to either another blue merle or a sable merle, you could end up with double dilute pups which have the potential for many health problems including being blind, deaf, or even without eyes. If you breed to a sable, you risk producing sable merles which if you do not know what they are, someone else may accidently breed one of those to a merle and have problem puppies. Really, unless you are making sure you are clearing your dog for all the health problems we have in the collie, like CEA,PRA,Gray Collie Syndrome, MDR1, Hip Displasia, Heart problems, DM, bloat and skin problems along with trying to make sure you are breeding to the standard for the breed, it's not a good idea to breed just for pets. We have many collies in rescue all over the US. You can just check out and see all the collies waiting for homes. If you are really serious about imp Marla
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5/21/06 If you are really serious about improving our lovely breed, it would be a really good idea to find someone active in showing conformation and/or preformance events to mentor you and help you evaulation your boy to really see if he should even be bred at all. That's really the responsible thing to do. Also reading up on the breed at your local library or going to a local dog show to learn more about the collie is another very good step. Breeding should really never be done just to produce pretty colored pets. New people in the breed are vital to helping preserve the breed. We do want new breeders to join us, but we also want people very serious about learning to breed responsibly as well. Marla
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7/19/06 i agree very much with what has been said. there is so much to breeding dogs then just buying any ol 2 and sticking them together.are you prepared if the bitch needs a c-cection,if the mother dont have milk, are you ready to bottle feed an entire litter because the mother developed mastitus or toximia.are you ready to deal with still born pupps or puppies that die cause they fade.there is alot of heartache in breeding i know this very well.and even experienced breeders like myself have problems with litters and bitches that drain and wear on our hearts. jennifer
8/17/06 We have recently whelped a new litter here at Jupite Collies there are several select quality puppies that possibly could go out on full registration to the right person.. We have a gorgeous sable tri factored ,, wh. factored baby girl available which would fit with your blue merle well.. She will be CEA tested ,, fully guaranteed ,, parents are health tested for MDR1, thyroid , and CEA.. Contact Jupiter Collies if intersted pups were born on August 2,2006. MS
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