Collie Questions

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Collie Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 3/1/2006
Okay. If I had a Rough/Smooth Collie what would the puppies go for if they were registered, , purebreds, with shots and all that good stuff??

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3/14/06 Prices for registered collies puppies really vary based on the quality of the puppy itself and the history of the parents. A puppy that is just registered with shots and worming probably isn't worth much more then $250. A puppy from Champion and/or working titles parents, with excellent eye checks and a written guarentee, parents with extensive health testing, and a pedigree and histoy for show/performance and prior pups that are titled can go as high as $800 to $1000 for a pet quality which is required to be spayed or neutered and much higher for a show quality puppy on a show contract. It really depends on the quality and effort put in by the breeder to produce the best quality puppy. Then it's a matter of finding a buyer who wants that pup for a specific purpose or understands the valuw of extensive health testing. There is no easy answer to what a puppy would "sell for". It has to do with quality and breeder's reputation and those you just can't easily buy. Marla
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