Collie Questions

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Collie Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 11/3/2005
we have a rough haired collie and every year about this time she gets dry patchy skin and scatches constantly until the hair is gone. What causes this

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1/3/06 This can due to the dryness in the air this time of year caused by turning our heaters on high. Add some oil to her diet and if that doesn't work, check with your vet. Make sure to keep her coat and skin clean by giving her a bath and conditioning her coat. Caroline
Shoshannah Collies
1/6/06 I agree with the first responce but I would spray a conditioner on 3 times a week and brush it through to the skin. the conditioner should be mixed with water. one or two cap fulls per spray bottle. Hope this help. Nanette