Collie Questions

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Collie Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 8/4/2005
do collies shed more than german sheperd

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9/1/05 Collies shed 2 times a year. With proper grooming, shedding is minimal. As for German Shepherds, I am not familiar with that particular breed so I can not compare between the 2. Tonya
Chandler Kennels
10/9/05 I have both a GSD girl along with all my collies. The smooth collies shed about the same as my GSD...the roughs have more coat and must be brushed or they will mat. Roughs give off more coat because they have more coat, but overall the amount of shedding is about the same. Generally the collies shed twice a year, in the spring when the weather wamrs up the undercoat comes out and then in the fall the outercoats come out in preperation for the new winter coat. Marla
LegendHold Collies
1/6/06 I think the shedding depends on the sex. My males shed once a year and the girls 4 months after their heat cycle. Some girls cycle twice and year and other once. Any double coated breed will shed about the same. The only differece is the length of hair. Nanette