Australian Shepherd Questions

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Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 1/23/2005
Looking to adopt a pure breed mini aussie. Have found one we like. It is 9wks old black tri. They are asking $850 but the dog feet in the back are slightly toed in. Our concern is that will this dog develop any joint problems. Will it grow out of it? Thank you

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2/5/05 I am sorry to be so late in replying to your message. We have a litter of pups and I have been so busy with them, that I haven't even been on Quality Dogs. You have probably already decided to purchase your pup or not. Some problems, such as that you mentioned do correct themselves in time. It is hard to tell on a pup so young. Did the breeder OFA the Sire and Dam? Presta Presta
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