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Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 4/11/2008
I have heard that breeding a blue merle to a blue merle assures health problems: deafness, blindness,etc. Is this accurate info?

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4/27/08 Yes this is very true. Scott
PinOaks Kennel
8/10/08 Breeding a Merle to a Merle can cause funky features. Our puppies are ready to go and can be seen at: Priscilla
Circle C Australian Shepherds
1/14/10 UH causes more than just "funky" features.. Merle in a doubled form causes what is called a MM pup. These pups can have eye issues minor to servere blindness, and because of the excessive white are also often deaf. This is why One should only do breedings between a solid and merle.. UNLESS one is ok with having to Cull, and or KEEP any defective pups. As a breeder if you have puppies that are abnormal.. you are responsible for them for life.. and SHOULD NOT PLACE THEM!!. about 1/4 of the litter can be.. this is only a stastical # you can get a WHOLE litter, or none too. Get the picture? not recommended. Amanda & Bernard
Australian Shepherds - Muddyfeet NH AKC/ASCA
7/11/13 I'd agree with MuddyFeet. Don't breed Merle to Merle. The genes don't mesh well. Especially if you don't have the stomach to put down pups. The merling gene when doubled up can cause blindness, deafness, pig eye ( smaller eyes )not to mention other genetic issues that don't crop up until they are a few years of age. DO NOT get a pup that is WHITE more than 10% of their body. Full coloration should be on the ears, over the eyes. WHITE Aussies are not RARE - smart people know what occurs genetically with them and will cull. So why would you breed a litter ( 1 of every 3 will have to be culled) when you can just breed a solid to merle and .... not have to worry about blind or deaf pups. Oh -- lemon laws do come into effect with dogs if you knowingly breed merle to merle and get a defective pup. Small claims does make the breeder pay - and pay. It does not have to be blue to blue - but it could be blue to red merle too. Any merle to merle, isn't recommended for someone t Jamie
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