Australian Shepherd Questions

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Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 1/13/2008
Hi.My daughter is researching our dog's breed for a badge requirement for Girl Scouts. We have tried the internet, but no info on how big the litters are, how many litters a bitch can have in its lifetime, what is the breeding lifetime of an Australian Shepherd Bitch. We rescued our Aussie from the street, she is a real joy. Thanks, Debra

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1/14/10 Aussies have med sized litters ranging from 5-8 as a average.. As far as how long they can be bred.. Well speaking on just a standpoint what is possible, Starting at about 1 year to as old as 12 years one to two litters a year. That is a whole lot of puppies.. and frankly not what a responsible breeder does.. they wait till a dog is OVER 2 and generally only may breed a dog once a year at most, or for a total of 1-3 litters and retire them. Heck many may only breed that dog once.. too.. it is the quality of each litter that counts.. not how many or often. Amanda & Bernard
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