Australian Shepherd Questions

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Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 11/2/2006
What health warentees are breeders currently supporting and what are the conditions? Although no breeder can "Guarantee" with 100% certainty that any dog they breed or sell will have any particular health issue, most problems are complex and it is not known if and how some are passed on(inherited) to future generations, Are you offering partial refund and/or replacement dog, support and information for the common health issues in this breed should any dog bred or placed be effected. Health concerns.. Eye defects (Cataracts) Bone disorders (hip/Elbow dysplaisa) Autoimmune issues Epilepsy (seizures) Drug sensitivity temperament issues

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11/3/06 WELL reputable hobby breeders guarantee hips, eyes, genetic disorders. If a show prospect pup - bite, both testicles, color (meaning no white body splashes. We will replace a pup of equal value, or if buyer elects to spay/neuter the dog and keep it a refund equal to the companion puppy price and show prospect price. MDR1 now that is what you test your dogs for and if they are positive - the owner will know what definitley not to give the dog as far as medications. Jarilyn
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1/14/10 If a breeder is serious they STAND behind their dogs, if a dog is affected by a serious genetic defect they will offer some sort of warrentee. For us, Hips, eyes, Elbows, Epilepsy and eyes for at least 5 years. It does include a replacement/refund option and we also have a lifetime takeback if you cannot keep your dog. somthing to note.. Most health issues DO NOT show up on dogs before a year of age.. most good breeders do not require the "death" of the dog either.. Since hip, Eye and even epilepsy generally is not a fatal diease,, but requires considerable expense and heartache for the owner.. dogs could be affected and the breeder is not required to do anything.. per their contract. There seems to be a whole lot of these type of "GUARENTEES" out there.. Read the fine print. Seen a bunch that require you prove what diet you feed, and this includes their "supplements" and keeping recods on EACH and evey bag of food you buy,, or the warrentees to not extend long enough to take into Amanda & Bernard
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