Australian Shepherd Questions

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Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 7/23/2006
How prevalent is dwarfism in Aussies? What kind of health issues are there? My Mom has a what we think is a dwarf aussie, and she pees crazy. We are wondering if this could be connected to her size or if she is just a little bugger:) Other than her pee problem she seems to be ok health wise. Thanks in advance for any responses. BJL

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10/6/06 Dwarfisimis common enough that there are people actually breeding them..SIGH.. But if the parentage is not known sever mixes can come in similar colors that people believe they are a aussie.. As far as health issues..If she is really a dwarf.. Domed skull, abnormal bone structure, buggy eyes,,heart issue and some health concerns are related to that condition.. but urine issues if this is something new, or in a older dog can me the symptom of several major health issue not related to her size.. Most can be ruled out by having your vet run a urine sample, and some blood work and I would really suggest it.. you really need to determine if there is a medical cause or a behavior problem.. .. Amanda & Bernard
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