Australian Shepherd Questions

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Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 3/9/2006
I want to breed Cheyenne (she's 2 and a recent breeder asked if I had her eyes and hips done, what does that mean?

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3/11/06 What that means is has her hips been x-rayed and sent in to OFA (Orthropedic Foundation for Animals) where a board of vets review the x-rays and give them a rating, Excellent, Good, Fair, etc. You shouldn't breed an animal with less than a fair in my opinion. I don't breed with less than a Good rating. This checks for hip dysplasia which you do not want to pass on to your puppies. Tthere is also a PenHip evaluation that can be done, but I am not as familiar with it. I also have my breeding dogs eyes checked, CERF'd (Canine Eye Registration Foundation) yearly. This must be done by a vet who is a certified ophthalmologist. This checks for any eye defects, which again you do not want to pass on to a litter of puppies. Doing these checks helps to insure you are breeding sound dogs to sound dogs. If I use an outside stud or someone wants to use one of my studs, those outside dogs must have the same clearences before a breeding will occur. Karen
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