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Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 1/13/2006
I have a red merle and a friend wants to breed his blue merle with my female. Is this compatible or will we end up with lethal whites?

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1/16/06 It is not responsible breeding to breed merle to merle. You are likely to get blind or deaf pups. Some disreputable, greedy breeders do it in hopes of getting more merles, but it is not wise, and it is unfair to the poor pups who must be euthanized or live a handicapped life. Good luck in your breeding. Judy
Rocking 2R Ranch
1/17/06 I agree, you are most likely to end up with lethal whites. If you did go ahead and breed them already, are you prepared to put down any puppies? Its really hard and sad. Its not a smart idea to breed them, its a really bad idea. Gail
Ramblin' Rose Aussies
1/18/06 I also agree with Judy and Gail. Although sometimes merle to merle breeding does not produce pups with deafness and eye defects, the odds are that, on average, 25% of the pups will be affected badly. Some reputable breeders do make this kind of cross when there is a specific objective other than color, but these people usually are quite experienced with the bloodlines and are prepared to put down any defective pups. It's not a breeding that should be done lightly or by any but serious and experienced breeders--and even then a lot of people will question the ethics of such a match. Carol Carol
Bon Joli Farm
1/22/06 I agree with the other breeders. Breeding merle to merle is not a good idea. You could end up with puppies that need to be put down and personally, I don't think the crossing is worth the life of an innocent puppy. Karen
Heartland Kennels
6/22/06 DO NOT breed Merle to Merle, not fair to the puppies and will suffer a life of unforseen problems.... Theresa
Desert Willow Aussie's