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All active, paid members appear in the breeder list. Visitors to the site will be able to search and view member listings, arranged by breed. All listings automatically include:
  • A text description of your dogs, breeding philosophy, health testing, etc.
  • Link to your website, if you have one
  • Secure email forwarding which allows visitors to email you without revealing your email address
  • Use of our Mailing List feature which allows interested visitors join your personal mailing list where you can keep them posted on your dogs, show successes, future breeding plans, etc.
  • Access to our Wanted list, where visitors can place notices that they are interested in a particular breed and would like to be contacted
  • Ability to post show results, health testing results, contract, health guarantee, breed club membership, and a customizable application
Select the duration of the membership you would like from the following list. Just click on the round button next to the duration to select, then click Continue below.

Type Rate
Deluxe Membership
3 Months $ 14
6 Months $ 23
1 Year $ 39
If you received a referral code, enter here. Otherwise leave blank

Frequently Asked Questions for this page

Q: What do you mean by the "listing" and the "profile" screen?
A: The Listing screen contains a list of all members for the selected breed; each member is listed along with their contact information, picture(s) in a smaller size, and some portion of their text information. If a visitor to the site wants to see more information on one of the members listed there, they can click to see that member's Profile screen, which is really an expanded version of the listing. This screen shows larger pictures, more complete information, etc.

Q: I have two breeds. Do I need to do anything special to join?
A: Your membership will be under a single breed. However, if you are a responsible breeder, you may submit two membership applications, one per breed. You may use the same email address for each, but each one will have a different username.

Q: I raise seven different breeds. Will my membership allow me to feature all seven breeds?
A: A membership is categorized under a single breed, which you will select in the next step. It is our opinion that becoming an expert on one breed takes a tremendous amount of time and commitment, and that someone breeding many breeds is unlikely to have the time and knowledge to properly health test, exhibit, care for, and place such a variety. Additionally, since the majority of puppy mills breed a variety of "popular" breeds, such a practice is definitely a "red flag". Your membership application would not likely be approved.