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Do you think dogs can read our emotions?

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Do you think dogs can read our emotions?
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User-Submitted Answers
Yes I do think they can
- Bethany Meyer from Modesto, California, USA
of course, body movements are words to dogs, our emotions can show all over us...and dogs read that, have great sense of energy
- Debi from pilot mtn., NC, USA
I don't think they so much read our emotions as it is them responding to the way we act or when our routines or way of behaving changes, then they notice something is different.
- Will from Aberdeen, TX, USA
Totally... they seem to know when we need their affection the most, or when we are in a good mood and want to play.
- Joelle from Kinston, NC, USA
i think tha coolist name iv heard is tank of harlie
- dj from Bloomington, IN, USA
i do believe that dogs can read our emotions for example if we are happy a dog looks up at you and you can see the biggest smile on an animal that you have ever seen, if we're sad the dog comes to comfort you...
- jessica from balchsprings, tx, USA