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What's the coolest dog name you ever heard?

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What's the coolest dog name you ever heard?
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User-Submitted Answers
- allan from bangalore, karnataka, India
well i think my 4 dogs names r cool.which are = lister,rimmer,lola and bubba.xx
- amy from ipswich, UK
Riverstead's Mad Dog Skull Cap ""Deogie pronounced D.O.G.
- Anonymous from Halifax, Nova Scotia, CAN
- Bette from Aston, Pa, USA
- Joy from Marion, Ohio, USA
I have heard some good ones over the years but I rather like my own. Three of them are Veruca, Sweeney (Todd) and Ellen Degeneres.
- Jessica from Hawley, PA, USA
lafy tafy
- amber from ragley, louisiana, USA
- Erin from Coventry, Rhode Island 02816, USA
I think the coolest dog name EVER is ""Strudel."" Probably has to be a German dog, though, like a German Shepherd.
- Callie from Ann Arbor, MI, USA
We met a couple at the pet supply store who's dog was named ""Ed."" You know a dog named Ed is gonna be cool!
- Ed from Ft Worth, TX, USA
A friend of mine named his Rottie """"Beef.""""
- Ben from Naples, FL, USA