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Where does your dog sleep?

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Where does your dog sleep?
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User-Submitted Answers
Anywhere she wants.
- Denise from Yuciap, ca, USA
my bed with me!
- kmelle from El Sobrante, C.A, USA
My dog sleeps in my room.
- Ava from hillsborough, CA, USA
- Ashly from Ocala, FL., USA
With us in our bed, of course! :)
- Melody from Benton Harbor, MI, USA
He sleeps in his own room on a big dog pillow thing..
- Mickey from Miltown, Wisconsin, USA
right next to my bed
- Anonymous from USA
under my bed
- Jackie from Brookhaven, MS, USA
My dog Bess won't sleep anywhere but the closet. She pulls out my dirty clothes and makes a bed for herself!
- Kristen from Oklahoma City, OK, USA
My three youngest sleep in the bed with me. One on the other pillow and the other two spread out across the bed. The little male will even """"tuck"""" me in, if my hand or arm is exposed he will come over and pull covers over it.
- Jessica from Hawley, PA, USA
Our Great Pyrenees sleeps with the goats... he gets very upset when he can't get to the barn at night to watch over them.
- Margaret from Tulsa, OK, USA
Bailey sleeps wherever he lands!
- Patrick from Sacramento, CA, USA
Craig (our dog) sleeps on his sofa. He claimed it as his own when he was about 2 months old.
- Cissy from Las Cruces, NM, USA
Miss Jay is basically a princess, so she's got a little bed that looks like throne.
- Blaine from Atlanta, GA, USA
Harley has a big soft dog bed, but he burrows under it to sleep!
- David from Arcadia, NY, USA
My dog sleeps in the bed with me, curled up right next to my head on her own pillow.
- Scott from Martinsville, VA, USA
Rolf has his own bed that looks like a smaller version of our bed with a wooden headboard and everything. It is in our bedroom.
- Jen from Dublin, OH, USA