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What is your dog's strangest trick?

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What is your dog's strangest trick?
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User-Submitted Answers
walking on two legs
- kayden from marrero, la., USA
My dog learned how to skateboard! Well, getting there, anyway. She can ride it and push, but still working on steering...
- Barrett from Norcross, GA, USA
My dog Katie will go get the newspaper every morning and take it out of the plastic bag!
- Mary Beth from Detroit, MI, USA
We taught Twinkie to carry a purse! Her treats are in there and she won't open the purse herself... she waits for us to open it and give them to her!
- Ben from New York, NY, USA
Our dog Skipper pretends to fall off the sofa. He did once by accident and we cuddled him afterward so he started doing it over and over for attention.
- Rhonda from Boulder, CO, USA
My dog Meatloaf likes to play fetch, only he just does it halfway... he runs to get the tennis ball, then just lays down and chews on it.
- Bryan from Dover, DE, USA
I have trained my dog to jump rope and he loves it. Now he won't let my daughter jump rope by herself.
- Jean-Paul from Nice, FRA
We have a dog named Benjamin, and he won't take his vitamin unless we put it on his nose for him to flip up and catch.
- Walt from MA, USA