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What is your dog's favorite toy?

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What is your dog's favorite toy?
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User-Submitted Answers
coconut shell
- sithira from colombo, western, Sri Lanka
Stuffed animals that sounds like a squirrel
- Dan from Kerrville, TX, USA
stuffed AKC mallard duck toy
- tracey from kingstree, sc, USA
sqeaky ball
- aja from sylvania, ohio, USA
I have two Mini Schnauzers that are almost two years old. They love balls (especially tennis balls for dogs). The Female loves all toys; yet we have a whole box of stuffed animal toys that look like they have been gutted. The male is calm and the female can destroy and demolish almost all stuffed to
- Sinlof4 from Oklahoma City, OK, USA
The favorite toy of all of our dogs is this tiny little stuffed, squeaky blue monkey. I bought it at a dollar store and wish I could find them again! All dogs and puppies LOVE this toy!
- Jessica from PA, USA
Our dogs love Kong toys. We fill them with treats then play hide and seek with the Kongs.
- Trobridges Teeny Weenies from Indianapolis, USA