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Does your dog seem to enjoy a bath?

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Does your dog seem to enjoy a bath?
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User-Submitted Answers
at first he didnt but after one time with barbies in the tub he loved so now we have to get barbies for him for a bath for a dog!!!!!!!
- nicole from new windsor, ny, USA
Yes. But then they are Golden Retrievers so they were bred to like water.
- Troy from Creswell, Oregon, USA
- brittany from grand juction, USA
Yes, very much
- Khoo from Kluang, , Johore, Malaysia
Yes my shih tzu loves taking a bath and being groomed.
- Kimberly from Columbia, SC, USA
very much!
- Renee from South Carolina, USA
Our boys do. The girls, no matter how many times we bathe them, act like they are being tortured!
- Jessica from PA, USA