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What breed do you think is best for people in the city?

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What breed do you think is best for people in the city?
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User-Submitted Answers
Dachshunds are curious, lively, charming, and brave. They are comical and love to play and they have a great sense of humor. They are very loyal and become very attached to their family, and they believe sleeping under the bed covers is in the Dachshund Bill of Rights. Dachshunds are often ke
- Katherine from Dilliner, Pennsylvania, USA
The bolonka of course! The Russian Tsvetnaya Bolonka was bred for life in a the city.
- Thereasa from Phoenix, Az, USA
tibetan terrier
- Anonymous from USA
A Yorkie is the ideal breed for the city. They need very little exercise- and are beautiful, intelligent, healthy and portable. Since they are small, its easy to keep and train them, with our busy modern lifestyle.
- Lisa from Moultrie, GA, USA
German Shelphert
- marcellus from douala, littoral, Cameroon
a black lab.
- talia from westport, conetocut, USA
- Paula from surrey, B.C., CAN
rat terrier
- sarah from star city, arkanasas, USA
- joshua from miraj, maharashtra, India