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What breed do you think is the most friendly? Why?

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What breed do you think is the most friendly? Why?
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User-Submitted Answers
The Pit Bull because they are such loyal loving dogs!
- melissa from west palm beach, fl, USA
I will forever love my Aussies, but the standard poodle will still get my vote as the most friendly, fun-loving, outgoing breed.
- Angela from MO, USA
Mini Dachshunds
- Patricia A. Gann from Arlington, Al, USA
I think most dogs are friendly if they have been treated right and raised by friendly people. But like people, you'll find a few grumpy dogs along the way. It's best to let a dog come to you instead of trying to pet it right away. All in all though, I think Labs are the friendliest.
- Lynn from Hillsville, VA, USA
SOft Coated Wheaten Terrier. they are the best dog. They LOVE to give you kisses & just be around you. Whenever I come home from work, our wheaten jumps right up into my arms & gives me lots of kisses. Also great dogs to curl up ont he couch with on cold days or when you are sick.
- Andrea from Tampa, FL, USA
Havanese. They are just so happy-go-lucky. Love everyone and are easy to spot at shows as they are the ones ""smiling"" up at their handlers! Not to mention great with people of all shapes, ages and sizes.
- Jessica from Hawley, Pa, USA