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Do you think it's important for kids to grow up with a dog?

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Do you think it's important for kids to grow up with a dog?
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User-Submitted Answers
- mohan from hyderabad, andhra pradesh, India
Yes. Because you wouldn't feel lonely anymore. Dogs or puppies burst you with energy and happiness.
- natalie from conneticut, woodbridge, USA
us boxer pupys! i saw boxer pupy and it was so cute
- piyush from nagpur, maharashtra, India
yes it is
- alix from escanaba, Michigan, USA
I think it is more important that you are willing to accept all dog responsibilities up to 15 years of life. A Dog is an addition to the family, should be consider another child. If all research is done prior to choosing a dog for your child or family, then a positive result should be the outcome.
- Miranda from DFW , TX, USA
depends on how old the kids are
- Shelley from Hastings, Michigan, USA
yes.The dog needs to be comfortable with a kid and vice-versa.Depends on the dog,really.
- Anonymous from USA
Yes, I have three kids ages, 1, 2, and 4 and we own a blue nose pit bull. Our dog is very protective of them and they love her to death. I think it is important for kids to grow up and see the importance of taking care of all animals and learn a little responsibility.
- jack from warner robins, GA, USA
ya sure
- Paula from surrey, B.C., CAN
- ghfkcfhg from new york, Ascension Island
i think its important for my kids to grow up with a dog, dogs are a huge responsibility and deserve owners that are going to b there through thick and thin, but i do think its important for kids to grow up with a pet to learn to be responsible before having a dog
- Brandon from worcester, MA, USA