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Do you prefer big dogs or small dogs, and why?

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Do you prefer big dogs or small dogs, and why?
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User-Submitted Answers
big dogs. for guard
- Alfredo from Angola
BIG dogs!
- Anonymous from USA
i like big dogs because of proyection
- mphatso from nairobi, africa, Kenya
Big dogs!
- breanna from fayette, ohio, USA
small. and because they are cute and cudlley
- rebecca from saint john, nb, CAN
big dogs, they don't potty all over the house!
- shell from taylor, mi , USA
I perfer big dogs on the whole, because I think they are more adaptable, rough-and-ready, easily trained and are better with children, and simply easier to live with. But larger dogs are not for everyone and are likely to make a small home seem even smaller.
- Ella from Des Monies, Iowa, USA