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What silly pet name do you have for your dog?

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What silly pet name do you have for your dog?
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User-Submitted Answers
smartie pants
- Lisa from Moultrie, GA, USA
We call my Dachshund Zilla (his real name is Timmy) and we call my Pomeranian Hoof (his real name is Harley)
- Nicole from Omaha, NE, USA
- veronica from hickory hills, illinois, USA
U gotta B Kitten Me ""Kittie""
- candy from palmer, ma, USA
coco channel
- becky from Cayman Islands
- sarah from star city , arkansas, USA
Cady Falls Payback Isabitch ( Iza )
- Cathy from Putnam, Ct, USA
Spanky Boy & Wise Guy
- mj from hawley, pa, USA