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Questions About Use of

We have compiled the most common questions and answers about the use of the site. Please take a moment to look through these... you may be able to find your answer immediately!

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What's the best way to find a puppy from a reputable breeder?
On the menu bar to the left, click View Breeder Ads, then click on your breed of choice. You will then see a list of current "litter announcements." These are the listings our members have placed to notify you of their puppies (or occasional adult) availble to new homes. Look through these listings and read about each breeder; you want to find someone who meets your standards and who will be there for you for the life of your pet. Also, click on the Breeder Profile link (either on the left red menu bar or near the top of the list). This will provide you with some information on the breed, including some health issues you should be aware of. Remember, a good, responsible breeder will test their dogs for common health concerns and will also offer a lengthy health guarantee. Pay close attention to the highlighted bars on some breeders' listings; they indicate additional information available about that member (click on the highlight bar to see this info). This additional information, such as show results, health testing, health guarantee, breed club memberships, etc., often are indicative of a conscientious and responsible breeding program.
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What if there are no litter announcements for my breed?
In some cases, there may not be any litter announcements currently running for that breed, or there may be only one or two. However, there may still be site members for that breed who do not currently have a litter announcement at the time. Scroll down the page and you will see a partial list of ALL members with that breed, and you can click on "All Breeders" to see a complete list for your breed.
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Can you recommend a breeder for me?
No we can't recommend or endorse any specific breeder(s), just as we can't guarantee any puppies or dogs from our members. However, the site is set up to present valuable information to you as you search for a breeder and puppy, and to allow you to contact members and ask plenty of appropriate questions. The best advice is to take your time, do your research, ask many questions, and be willing to answer many as well!
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How do I contact a breeder listed on the site?
Look on a breeder's listing... If a breeder has included their phone number on their ad or profile, then calling the breeder is likely the best way to start. Obviously, if you are considering a puppy and want to learn more about a breeder, then speaking with them on the phone is generally the best way to get to know them and to get your questions answered. However, some breeders may omit their phone number from their profile due to a concern over security, telemarketers, or prank calls. That is certainly understandable, so omitting their phone number should not be interpreted as a negative... any reponsible breeder is equally interested in talking to you. So, email is a good second alternative to the initial contact. Just click the Email Breeder button on their listing and follow the contact form instructions to send them an email. Additionally, if you do speak by phone, sending a follow-up email is generally a good idea. This lets the breeder know you are interested and lets you make sure they have your email address and phone number.
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How do I contact someone listing under the "rescue" or "lost dog" sections?
On the Rescue or Lost page, each ad has several links in red on the right section of the ad. Simply click "Reply to Ad" and you will be able to send a message to the person who placed the ad.
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I placed a rescue or lost ad; how do I cancel it?
When you placed the listing, you received an email which included a link to click if you wished to cancel the listing. Additionally, each time someone contacts you through the listing, that email includes the same cancellation link. If you don't currently have any of those emails, simply locate your listing on the site, send yourself a message, then click the cancellation link in the email you receive.
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I am a responsible breeder... how do I join the site?
We are delighted to have responsible, ethical breeders join the site. Just go to and you will find all our membership information.
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