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We have compiled the most common questions we have been asked. Please take a moment to look through these... you may be able to find your answer immediately!

Do you still have a question or comment that is not addressed here? Please scroll to the bottom of the page for our contact form.

I have or am interested in a breed that you do not list here; can you add it?
We are starting with AKC recognized breeds and plan to carefully add other breeds that are recognized by reputable international multi-breed registries. If you would like to request our consideration of an additional breed, please scroll down and send us an email, including both the breed name and a website address or email address of a recognized authority on the breed. Please realize that adding this breed may take months, as there is already a fairly long list of requests and the process of adding one is very time-consuming.
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I have some good information about one or more breeds; can I contribute?
We certainly welcome all contributions of solid breed information, from breed history to health to training. If you haven't yet, start by checking the Breed Profile for your breed by clicking Breed Profile to the left and then clicking your breed. If you have information to contribute in addition to what is already on that page, please scroll down and use the email form. Make sure to include your name, your correct email address, and let us know how you would like us to credit you for this information (your name, kennel name, link to your site, etc). VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: It is your responsibility to verify and affirm that your submission is your original work and you have the rights to publish this information. By submitting written information to us you affirm yourself as the copyright holder, you agree to indemnify in any issue of copyright regarding your submitted information, and you grant the right to edit, reformat, and publish your submission.
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You should add a section that helps people choose a good breed for them!
We are currently working on a program that will hopefuly help people narrow down possible breeds that would fit their lifestyle, home, family, etc. Before the program can function, however, we must gather a great deal of data on each dog breed. What we want most is input from folks across the board on breeds they have experience with, so that we can compile what people have found to be "real-life" characteristics of each breed. So, if you grew up with a Labrador, had a neighbor with a Cocker Spaniel, and now have a French Bulldog, please take a moment to complete our breed survey for each of these breeds. Click here to take the survey. For the time being, check out the Breed Profiles here on our site, where you can learn more about many breeds. Also, try posting on the Message Board... if you describe your lifestyle, home, family, etc., you can get opinions from many people on the board who will suggest a breed.
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I like the site and want to link to it... do you provide linking code?
Thank you, and absolutely. Click here to get the code to use to link to our site.
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I have a suggestion not covered above...
We are always glad to hear new ideas and suggestions for the site. Simply scroll down and use the email form to send your suggestion to us.
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Still have a question? You might also want to check the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section by clicking FAQs on the left red menu bar. Otherwise, please use the form below to contact support.

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