Yorkshire Terrier Questions

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Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 3/29/2008
Bare with my teminology we are new to this...I have a male and female Yorkie that I am considering breeding. They come from seperate litters with seperate parents. Both male parents have different parents as well but the two female parents share the same father. In short the onlt "same" bloodline the 2 in question share is that of 1 grandfather. Is this safe and considered acceptable?

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4/11/08 You need to know what characteristics are going to be inherited from the same repetition of lines. What are the lines? Do they have Champions in their pedigree? Are both parents top lines (spine) straight? Are their teeth perfect? Are their coats silky and the correct blue on the back and clear gold on the head?? Have you had their liver acids Vet tested, and are their hearts free of any inherited problems(heart murmur, etc)? Been vet checked for hernias? luxating patellas? Is the mom a 5 lb or better gal? Do they in other words look like show dogs? If not, then don't breed them. If they do, then you can consider it. Are both AKC registered with full registration? In other words are they good quality, with breeding rights? Are you prepared to lose the mom if she has a difficult birth or breach birth? And then despite every effort, you may lose the puppies, too. I just lost a mom and her three puppies, so I know it can happen! I've been breeding Yorkies for 34 years. All Lisa
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