Yorkshire Terrier Questions

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Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 11/29/2006
Hi there,thanks to the ones who will take the time to answer me.A lady at our new school inherited a 5 yr old female yorkshire terrier non spaid as the owner died.She was not aware that she wasn't spaid and found out recently.My maltese poodle is 17 months of age and also is not neutered.Her yorkie recently had a heat and bled and when we had tea we found the 2 dogs attached awkwardly for about 10 minutes or so.Now the lady thinks she is pregnant.Is it possible as my dog is so young?also she has contacted her vet and they told her to get xrays ,is this neccessary?is there a way she can be the midwife so to speak and save a few bucks but do it the right way?any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.also is it safe as her dog is 8 lbs and my dog is 5.5 lbs

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1/13/07 A male dog can father puppies as early as 8 months, possibly even earlier so 17 months is a fully mature male dog. x-rays are not necessary, why in the world would a vet say to get that done? and if your dog is smaller then her dog as you said in the question, then the success rate for a normal delivery goes way up. dogs have been delivering puppies for eons without our help so yes, she can definately be midwife for this, tell her to go online and do a search for what to expect when puppies are born, or something like that. or go to a used bookseller online and do a search for "dog breeding" or just pick up any dog breed book and you will find chapters on the delivering of puppies. Then tell her to get the dog spayed! No sense bringing mutt puppies into the world that will usually end up in a pound or shelter! Tracey
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