Toy Fox Terrier Questions

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Toy Fox Terrier

Toy Fox Terrier Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 4/9/2005
April 9 2005 - 13:56:14 What breed is my dog? I bought my dog as a Rat Terrier--not really registered, she has papers, but nothing really official on them other than the mothers name.--I did not buy her for breeding, but just because I love Rat Terriers, I have one already and she was so hyper and defiant sometimes that I wanted her to have a buddy. It has worked, by the way. My question, however, is that this dog I have bought is NOT a full rat terrier. Other than her markings, her body style, ear style, etc are nothing Rat Terrier-ish The man told me that the father was a rat terrier a little bigger than the mother(I saw the mother and she was about a 12-14 pound dog.)say, maybe 15-17 pounds. Okay, I'm not a dog breeder, but I'm not stupid dog, Phoebe, weighs the upside of 27 pounds, is already at 7 months larger than a Beagle--not a small Beagle. Several people have said 'You need to go back to him and get your money back'...well, yes, I do deserve the money, I paid $175.00 for her, but I love her and didn't buy her for any other reason than loving the type of dog and just for companionship. I don't want the man to say, 'fine here is your money, I'll take the dog back'..I want her, I just want to know what breed she looks like. I know her mother was a Rat Terrier, but what about her father or bloodline. I'd like to send a picture of her to someone, anyone who might have a clue.

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9/29/05 I would love to see a pictures. Send it to my e-mail and I will look at it and even have some friends to look at it to see what they think. Caroline
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