Saint Bernard Questions

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Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 7/28/2005
I have a female saint and would like to breed her in approx. 6 monthes. How would I find a male to breed her with and what do I need to look for in a male? I am new with this and still learning.

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10/26/05 hi there, first u must evaluate ur female, whats her physical advantages/disadvantages. ex if she has a curling tail, u must find a male with a very nice straight tail. this way they will 'complete' eachother. ex. if she has a long muzzle u must find a male with an extremely short muzzle etc etc.. Make sure u find ur male from a reputable breeder, ask questions, pedigree ... if u live in the u.s go to the 'saint bernard club of america' and check for breeder referral. You can e-mail breeders and send them ur female's photo +pedigree and they will try to help u! goodluck Maya Maya
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