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Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 5/19/2005
I would like to view a breeding contract, I have a male st.bernard that I wish to use as a stud and would like to see what the contracts used contain.

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5/19/05 Different breeders use different contracts, some breeders when working closely for long periods of time with people don't use them. Generally, the contract contains registration numbers of both dam and sire. I keep a photocopy of both, and Pedigrees are often attached. The fee for stud service (exactly). If the breeding doesn't take, will there be a repeat breeding, or is it a one time deal. Stipulate what the remuneration will be ahead of time: you may want cash for stud service, or a puppy back from the litter (male or female, all this should be specified BEFORE the mating). I also put in mine that the dam must be tested for Brucellosis--this is basically a canine veneral disease that can sterilze a male and wipe out your breeding stock. I require the vet certificate on this prior to the dam coming to my kennel, it's a $20 blood test in Canada, and the owner of the dam shouldn't have any qualms about providing it for you. Long and the short: be Specific about all the poi Rhonda
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10/26/05 hi, also make sure that u dont sign any puppy registration forms until u get ur stud fee. Make sure the terms u use in the contract are understandable by both owner of dam and owner of stud. Also u must write as well what happens if the female doesnt take (doesnt get pregnant). Usually stud will be offered again for no additional cost but if female doesnt take second time she is most likely not able to concieve. Make sure u specifiy what counts as a 'litter'for stud payment to be made = at least 2 live pups...etc..etc Maya
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