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Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 1/12/2005
Ihave four month old female. Differing views on how much and how long to feed puppy food versus adult food. Would like some guidance. THANKS

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5/12/05 The traditional puppy foods can be a problem for Saint puppies...especially if it is the kind that promotes excessive growth. With Saint puppies, growing too fast is a bad thing - so bad that it can have repercussion for the rest of the dog's life. When Saint puppies are too heavy, their leg bones often develop crooked....they have weak pasterns, can be cowhocked and have flat feet to name a few things that can go wrong. We wean our puppies off Momma right on to an adult food. By the time our puppies are nine weeks old...they are completely on a premium adult kibble. Hope this might help. Brenda McWhorter
Twin Branch Saints
5/19/05 I agree with McWhorton of Twin Branch, much to the dismay of some vets. But I feel experience is sometimes the best educator. For example, I placed a puppy in a home, gave them a handbook I give to all the new puppy owners with excellent guidelines for feeding and bathing..and guess what: they call me at least once a month with questions and things that are happening with their puppy (now a teenager)...they didn't even glance at the handbook, and know they have problems. After weaning, a Saint puppy basically doubles its weight each week, and if you put them on a puppy food that has alot of growth inducers, you'll end up with problems in the legs, elbows, hips, not to mention respiratory problems with an obese puppy. Rhonda
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