Scottish Terrier Questions

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Scottish Terrier

Scottish Terrier Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 4/29/2004
Our Scottie is 6 yrs old. Each spring he develops allergies this time of year. He constantly scratches and bites himself till he bleeds. The allergies are getting worse each year. He is currently on steroids and antibiotics for infection. Does anyone have any advice?

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6/25/04 First of all where are you located? Second what does the vet say this infection is from.Thrid what are you feeding? I have seen in most cases it has to do with either allergies for food or fleas and ticks. You might want to switch to Science diet beef maintence. I would also get off of the steroids. Steroids can cause other medical problems. I just rescued a scottie with HORRIBLE skin problems.. I put him on the vitamins we use and the science diet. I also Put him on a stress reliever that has no steroids and what do you know he is now free and clear of any skin issues.. However if he goes on another food or stops his routine he will get sick again. If you would like more info on the products let me know.Also if you are living in a place that is very humid you can have skin issues. 909-927-7909 , jasonlainie1@aol.comlainie lainie
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12/25/04 Nutro Natural choice dog food is sposed to be wonderful for skin allergies in dogs. Also only bathe him/her in antibacterial lotion hand soap. Get him/ her on a good vitamin supplement preferably nuvet or k9maxx. links below: Robbin
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1/6/08 We feed The Shady Nook Scottie Canidae,and we use Nuvet Vitamins.Canidae is made in US,we lost whole litter last yr. from the dog food poison. We use Nuvet tabs you need a breeders code # to order.800-474-7044 code #82438 These tabs are also made in US. You can call me or e-mail me anytime. Sindee
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7/15/08 The Nu VEt is great but you also need to switch foods. The best food I have found for the breed so far is at I do not know one Scottie on this food that has allergies. I would of course also put this dog on the NuVet .. code # 74290 Lainie
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