Scottish Terrier Questions

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Scottish Terrier

Scottish Terrier Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 2/12/2005
Our Scottie is just over 1 year old. Our groomer has been allowing his withers to remain long; however, they don't seem to be growing fast enough. When should we expect him to have the "floor length" withers.

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9/8/05 I think you are talking about his "furnishings" the hair coat that drapes on the sides of the dog. They should be coming in, but a great deal depends on the dogs breeding and enviroment. Some scots just don't have a great deal of furnishings. We take great care in keeping our show dogs furnishings clean and well conditioned. Just the action of going up and down stairs, jumping on and off furniture, etc. can break off furnishings. If the sire and dam of your dog have poor furnishings...the odds are great that they may never be floor length. You can purchase supplements that are specifically made for coat and skin. I would check with your vet first and make sure it isn't another problem. Good luck!! Jenny
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