Scottish Terrier Questions

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Scottish Terrier

Scottish Terrier Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 1/8/2005
At what age do the ears stand up, vs flop over.

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1/28/05 All of the puppies I have bred from champion bred dogs have had their ears up at birth. None have ever gone down. Now the very poorly bred dogs or alot of the pet breeders have puppies with ears that somtimes NEVER go up. I have seen some bad ears. Ask for a picture of the prospective puppy and past full brothers and sisters. I have also seen some bred from champion lines with ears down. I believe this is one of the reasons to go with a champion bred puppy VS a pet puppy. If the ears are not right what else is not right. ?? lainie
Culton`s Scottish Terriers
6/21/07 My Scotties ears all come up at different times depending on the Stud. Some litters the ears are up before three weeks, other litters it is after 5-6 weeks, and sometimes it around 8-10. I have never had a Scottie puppie who's ears did NOT come up. If your's ears are not up you can try to tape them ....see if that works? Your vet can tell you or you can e-mail me ..I will tell you how. Sindee
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