Scottish Terrier Questions

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Scottish Terrier

Scottish Terrier Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 1/3/2005
What color are wheaten puppies born? I have a puppy that has a lot of brown and gray....

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1/4/05 Your puppy sounds like it is a silver brindle. Maybe brindle. Wheaten puppies are born wheaten with w pink nose. Nose will turn black in a few days.Brindles and blacks are born with light grey, dark grey noses. They turn black in a few days. How old are your puppies? lainie
Culton`s Scottish Terriers
4/23/05 Your puppy isnt a wheaten. Wheatens range in an almost white color to a white with a little red all the way to an all red color. Robbin
Sirbills Scottish Terriers
1/6/08 Wheatens are born this color. Ours were wheaten and one was tiped on ears, tail, and a stipe down the back all reddish color. Your pup sounds like it is Brindle. There are many colors of Brindle,Red Brindle, Silver Brindle,Black Brindle.We breed Red Brindles,and Black Brindles. Sindee
Shady Nook Scottie Farm
1/6/08 My first post I ment to say Wheatens are born Wheatens .......Sorry Sindee
Shady Nook Scottie Farm