Scottish Terrier Questions

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Scottish Terrier

Scottish Terrier Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 3/22/2008
I have a 3 month old couple. What should I do to their hair? I have read in the internet that they should be trimmed 4 to 6 times a year. What is trimming? Show dogs are stripped. What is stripping? Pets should be clipped. What is clipping? When is no longer considered a pet? How many times they should be trimmed, and clipped? Thanks. Fernando Sánchez. Costa Rica.

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4/17/08 Cliped is done with Clippers,Stripping the scottie hair is what you need to do for the show ring,the hair is pulled out. A groomer can show you both ways of doing the hair. Stripping it usualy takes more time/cost more. Clipping is what most people do that are not in the show ring. Try to find a groomer who knows how to clip a scottie. Sindee
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7/15/08 HI, If you go to the Scottish Terrier Club Of America website, you can get a groming guide. It costs $8.00. You can then groom the puppies yourself or take them to a groomer. I bought one of these guides. Then found a groomer that would use the guide. That was hard. But paid off. I found a groomer that comes to my home and strips the coat of our male. This is done EVEY 8 WEEKS. I CLIPPER the rest of our girls myself. I do this EVERY 6 WEEKS> This is really easy to do.. If you are not showing-- you should use clippers. If you are uneasy about sending puppies out-- hire a home groomer to come to your home. Lainie
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12/19/08 This might be a little late, but Texas Scottie Rescue has a wonderful grooming manual for grooming the pet Scottie. The url is I own both this manual and the one from STCA and find this one is the most helpful for keeping my pets looking great. It really gives a step by step direction that is easy to follow. My philosophy is that it's only hair and it will grow back, but sometimes that seems to take forever. Have fun with your Scotties and love them. That is the most important thing. No matter what the haircut looks like, they will always have that wonderful Scottie demeanor. Lynn
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